KHON2: Mokulele Airlines additions are “very welcoming

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Terminal three at the Honolulu airport has some new additions to accommodate travelers flying to and from neighboring islands.

Mokulele Airlines is the airline that flies out of terminal three.

Their chief of staff, Keith Sisson said, “We are busting at the seams at this terminal, and you know the airport and the state of Hawaii have come together. We’ve got more parking places here. We have passenger comfort areas now with shade from the sun and from the rain. We have more amenities coming.”

Among these new additions, Mokulele Airlines has also introduced a bigger airplane to welcome visitors. However, they said their main reason for this addition is to accommodate locals that come to Oahu for work and people with medical appointments.

Although the tents and 15 extra parking stalls are being used now, the new plane will not be running just yet.

Sisson said, “We don’t want to book a full line of flights on one plane and not have a backup plane for it in case we have a flat tire. So, we’re going to wait. We’re going to wait till the other plane gets here before we start loading up flights on the new aircraft.”

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Senator Lynn DeCoite said she is working to install extra restrooms in the future for the passengers.

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